• February 27, 2019
  • ACC

Manufacturers Urge House to Reauthorize Chemical Security Regulations

The undersigned groups are writing to you on behalf of the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) Coalition to thank you for promptly holding an oversight hearing on the CFATS program and your commitment to preserving one of America’s most important national security programs.

Our diverse group of trade associations and companies have worked closely with Congress and the Department of Homeland Security on CFATS since its inception to help ensure the program delivers results. Members of the Coalition represent the major sectors of the American economy that are impacted by CFATS, including chemical production, chemical distribution and terminals, manufacturing, oil and gas refining, utilities, mining, and agricultural goods and services.

The constituencies we represent are vital to the American economy and are equally committed to safeguarding chemical facilities. That is why we continue to be strong proponents of a long-term reauthorization of CFATS, which is vital to providing the certainty our industries need to make sound security planning and investment decisions.

We are also committed to working with this committee, and the other committees of jurisdiction, to find opportunities to keep moving CFATS forward and for improvements on how the program is implemented.

Working together we can achieve our national security goals in a fashion that protects chemical facilities, while at the same time providing a regulatory environment that helps advance economic growth and innovation.

Agricultural Retailers Association,  American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers,  American Petroleum Institute,  Institute of Makers of Explosives,  International Warehouse Logistics Association,  National Association of Chemical Distributors,  Society of Chemical Manufacturers & Affiliates,  The Fertilizer Institute, American Chemistry Council,  American Gas Association,  Edison Electric Institute.  International Liquid Terminals Association,  National Association of Manufacturers National Mining Association,  U.S. Chamber of Commerce

SOURCE: www.americanchemistry.com


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