• December 7, 2018
  • WTO

Turkey amends law on the Prevention and Control of the Harmful Effects of Tobacco Products

The Law No. 7151 "Amendments to Certain Health Related Laws and Decrees Having the Force of Law", among others, also amends Law No. 4207 "Law on the Prevention and Control of the Harmful Effects of Tobacco Products" in line with the plain packaging requirements. In this context, Article 24 stipulates that the requirement in relation to the minimum percentage of the surface to be covered with pictorial warnings and text warnings regarding the harmful effects of tobacco products to be placed on each of the two largest surfaces of the packages, was increased from sixty-five percent to eighty-five percent.

Moreover, in accordance with the amendments foreseen in Article 24, tobacco products produced in Turkey or imported to Turkey shall be introduced to the market in the form of plain and standard package format, designed as one type including the way in which the brand is written, the font and the size of the brand, its position on the package, the color of packages, other texts, signs and figures.

The brand shall also be written only on one surface of the package, and not exceeding five percent of this surface. The logo, symbol, or other marks of the brand cannot be placed on the packages.

These rules shall also apply to tobacco products boxes that contain more than one package. In accordance with Article 24, it is the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry that is responsible for the preparation and, following the approval of the Ministry of Health, the subsequent placement into effect a bylaw, through which the warning messages, illustrations, figures or graphic messages mentioned in this Law, including matters related to the plain and standard packages designed as one type (as to incorporate the way the brand is written on the package, its font and size, its position on the package, the color of the packages, the warning messages on the package, other mandatory texts, signs and figures) are regulated.

The said by-law shall be issued within one month from the date of entry into force of this Law.

Draft Text 1 is available for download in the following languages: English

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