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Thailand Prohibits Certain Ingredients in Cosmetics Production

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The Thai Ministry of Public Health has issued an announcement prohibiting the use of specific substances as ingredients in cosmetic production. The announcement, which supersedes previous regulations, cites the authority granted by the Cosmetic Act B.E. 2558. The decision aims to ensure consumer safety and enhance product quality in the cosmetic industry.

The announcement includes an attached document listing the substances that are now prohibited as ingredients in cosmetic production. However, there are exceptions for substances explicitly mentioned in the ministerial announcement, which provide details regarding their names, quantities, and conditions for use as cosmetic ingredients.

Manufacturers, importers, and contractors are required to comply with the new regulations within 180 days from the effective date of the announcement. Specifically, any cosmetics containing banned substances, such as substance number 1391, which were manufactured or imported before the announcement, must be brought into compliance within the given timeframe.


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