• August 20, 2018
  • ACC

Tariffs on $16.4 Billion in Chemicals and Plastics Products on U.S. List 3 Could Have Irreparable Impact on U.S. Manufacturing Supply Chain

WASHINGTON (August 20, 2018) – Testifying on Section 301 tariffs for the second time in less than a month, American Chemistry Council (ACC) director of international trade, Ed Brzytwa, called on policymakers today to remove all 1,505 chemicals and plastics products, valued at approximately $16.4 billion, from U.S. ‘List 3’, or force the industry to sustain unintentional, long-term consequences that would disadvantage the United States as a leading supplier of chemicals and give China a chance to usurp U.S. market share. In his oral testimony, Brzytwa also expressed frustration that the Administration had not removed 152 chemicals and plastics imports from U.S. ‘List 2’ and cautioned that additional tariffs on imports from China would invite further retaliation and send U.S. manufacturing into a tailspin from which it may not be able to fully recover.

“If tariffs on the $2.2 billion in chemicals and plastics imports that appeared on List 2 would weaken the competitiveness of the U.S. chemicals industry, then the $16.4 billion in tariffs on additional products of chemistry in List 3 would have a potentially irreparable impact on our industry’s economic structure and supply chain,” Brzytwa testified. “We reiterate, in the strongest possible terms: the best way to preserve the interests of the U.S. chemicals industry and indeed the entire manufacturing sector is by removing chemicals from the front lines of this trade war.”

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