• April 16, 2020
  • ACS

ACS | Pb-Based Perovskite Solar Cells and the Underlying Pollution behind Clean Energy: Dynamic Leaching of Toxic Substances from Discarded Perovskite Solar Cells

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ABSTRACT - Toxicants like Pb in lead-based perovskite solar cells (PSCs) may become available to humans through leaching and transport through water, air, and soil. Here, we summarize the potential toxicity of different substances in PSCs and determine the leaching concentration of typical heavy metals used in PSCs through dynamic leaching tests (DLTs). Extraction fluids for the standard toxicity characteristic leaching procedure, synthetic precipitation leaching procedure, and deionized water were used as the DLT leaching solutions. Results indicated that the leaching concentration of Pb exceeded the hazardous waste limit of 5 mg/L. In addition, Pb was found to continuously leach out in the leaching cycles of water extraction. 



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