European Union | European commitment to safety at work | 20 October 2021

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MOTION FOR A RESOLUTION pursuant to Rule 143 of the Rules of Procedure on the European commitment to safety at work

The European Parliament,

 having regard to Article 153 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU),

 having regard to Framework Directive 89/391/EEC,

 having regard to Rule 143 of its Rules of Procedure,

A. whereas in Europe the number of deaths at work has fallen by 70% over the last 30 years, but unfortunately it is estimated that 3 000 people are still losing their lives in the workplace every year;

B. whereas on 28 and 29 September, 10 fatal accidents in the workplace took place in Italy;

C. whereas, in addition to the silent massacre of deaths at work, an estimated 3 million work-related accidents, of varying degrees of severity, are estimated to take place every year;

1. Urges the Commission, within the scope of its remit, to take firm action to curb accidents in the workplace, including fatal ones;

2. Calls on the Member States to provide for harsher penalties for companies that do not meet high safety standards for their employees;

3. Encourages the Commission, together with the Member States, to carry out accurate and continuous monitoring in order to align statistics on work-related deaths in the EU with the ‘Vision Zero’ approach, as set out in the Commission communication entitled ‘EU Strategic Framework on Health and Safety at Work 2021-2027’. Occupational safety and health in a changing world of work’ (COM (2021) 323 final).



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