• January 31, 2019
  • OECD

Substitution of hazardous chemicals | 2 new OECD reports

As interest in the substitution of harmful chemicals continues to grow in industry, NGOs and the public sector, organisations are seeking guidance on the selection of appropriate methods and tools. The OECD is responding to this need. Two new reports have been published:

(*) A synthesis report from the Workshop on Approaches to Support Substitution and Alternatives Assessment that was organised in May 2018. The workshop discussed issues such as approaches used to support alternative assessments and substitution; the strengths of the approaches and challenges to design and implementation, the link between innovation and progress in substitution and alternatives assessment; and initiatives to facilitate data sharing and other collaborative efforts.

(*) A Cross Country Analysis of Approaches to Support Alternatives Assessment and Substitution of Chemicals of Concern that describes and gives a list of approaches developed across countries and by different stakeholders to support alternatives assessment and substitution of chemicals of concern.



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