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European Commission | SUSHI - Steel Under Severe High Impact

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ABSTRACT - This report presents the technical aspects of the experimental test campaign relevant to the project “SUSHI - Steel Under Severe High Impact”, whose proposal was successfully reviewed and selected in the framework of the JRC OPEN ACCESS programme. The research conducted concerns the investigation of the mechanical behaviour of two high strength steels (S690GL and S960QL) tested in tension at high strain-rate. Specimens were provided by the User.
According to the project proposal, sample preparation was done by the User Access Team and the testing programme was elaborated and jointly agreed with the ELSA-HopLab laboratory staff. Preliminary static tests were performed by the User Access Team at SUPSI in order to provide the HopLab technicians with initial data for setting up the dynamic testing campaign.
The subsequent execution of the tests has been done completely by the ELSA-HopLab laboratory staff. High strain-rate tests have been performed using the large Hopkinson bar for ductile materials.
The report also presents the elaboration of the raw experimental data in order to obtain the forces and displacements directly applied to the specimens during the tests. However, no considerations about the material mechanical behaviour have been drawn. Finally, a description of the storage structure of the elaborated data has been included, which will help future users to effectively manage and use this data for their purposes.



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