Kosovo (under UNSCR 1244) Focus: Radioactive substances, Homologation of Motor Vehicles,

Your substances


Radioactive Substances
As both a licence and a permit to import open or sealed sources of radiation into the country are to be obtained from the Kosovo Agency for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety, the following documents have been added to the set of documents of the import report for Kosovo and may be consulted for specifics:

(*) Licence to Import and Transport Radioactive Substances

(*) Permit to Import and Transport Radioactive Substances.

Homologation of Motor Vehicles

New and used vehicles to be imported into Kosovo must conform to international, regional and national standards. In general, vehicles having received a type approval in the European Union (EU) may be imported without the completion of further measures. Otherwise, a Homologation of Motor Vehicles may be required. Consequently, the mentioned document has been newly incorporated into this report and may be viewed for particulars.

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