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ANSES REPORT: Assessment and trends in the use of sweetening ingredients or ingredients conveying sweetness in processed products – OQALI cross-sectional study

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 Since 2008, OQALI has monitored the nutritional quality of processed foods in France, focusing on packaging information and ingredient composition, including the use of sweetening ingredients. The latest report aims to update and expand on previous studies, examining changes in the presence of these ingredients across various food categories and brands.

The proportion of processed food products containing sweetening ingredients decreased significantly by 5.5 points over the study period, although 81% of products still contained at least one sweetening ingredient. Notable declines were seen in syrups, other sugars, and lactose, while the use of fruit juices and concentrates increased. Despite these reductions, the study found no consistent link between decreased use of sweetening ingredients and reduced total sugar content in products.



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