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ECHA | New OECD QSAR Toolbox version available

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QSAR Toolbox 4.6 enhances connectivity with IUCLID, increases capacity to use external models and improves access to information about tested substances in ECHA’s chemicals database.

A significant change in QSAR Toolbox 4.6 is the improved connection with IUCLID. This allows better integration of data between the two platforms, making it easier for researchers to access and analyse relevant information.

The updated version also improves the use of external models that provide additional insights into chemical properties and safety. The update improves the performance and user-friendliness of the QSAR Toolbox.  

Additionally, QSAR Toolbox 4.6 introduces a new feature for the REACH database, which contains experimental results submitted within REACH registrations. In the previous versions, data was organised by REACH registration only, which was good to visualise the data but not ideal for making predictions. With this update, users can now organise and use REACH data according to the actual substances which were used to generate toxicological data, making available four times more substances from REACH registrations to generate predictions.


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