OCED - Chemical Safety and Biosafety Progress Report | April 2019

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The Hazard Assessment Programme is concerned with the hazard assessment of industrial chemicals. The current focus of the programme is on the development and application of Integrated Approaches to Testing and Assessment (IATA) and the exchange of experience on new hazard assessment methodologies. IATA are frameworks used for hazard identification, hazard characterisation and/or safety assessment of a chemical or group of chemicals, which integrate and weigh all relevant existing data and guide the targeted generation of new data where required to inform regulatory decision-making regarding potential hazard and/or risk. The OECD is already actively working on the development of tools and approaches such as chemical categories and (Q)SARs which are methods for estimating properties of a chemical from its molecular structure and have the potential to provide information on hazards of chemicals, while reducing time, monetary cost and animal testing currently needed. The OECD (Q)SAR Project is developing guidance material and a “Toolbox” for practical applications of (Q)SARs by governments and industry in specific regulatory contexts.

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