Syria | Amendments as regards the classification of medical devices and import monopolies

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Classification of Medical Devices

Pharmaceutical and related products intended for human use to be imported as well as their manufacturers must be registered with the Directorate of Pharmaceutical Affairs, which comes under the Ministry of Health. The Directorate is also the responsible authority to issue a technical approval for the actual importation of these products, which is also referred to as "visa". As a prerequisite for the latter, a price certificate is to be obtained in advance.

Import Monopolies

Besides those imported commodities which present a potential threat for the national production and which are regulated by the General Foreign Trade Organization (GFTO) as described in the previous paragraph, further goods, i.e. tobacco and tobacco products as well as auxiliary material and machinery for their production, and certain products which are related to national security, e.g. explosives, are subject to import monopolies



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