Taiwan Publishes Guidance on Safety Data Sheet CBI Protection

Takehome: Taiwan MoL issued a guidance for companies to claim CBI on SDSs. The revised regulation for labelling and SDSs compilation of hazardous chemicals was issued on Nov 9th, 2018.

Taiwan’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Ministry of Labor has recently published a guidance for companies to apply to protect confidential business information on safety data sheets (SDSs). It is introduced following the Revised Labeling and Hazard Communication Regulation (hereafter referred to as “revised Regulation”) which was published and entered into force on Nov 9th for all hazardous chemicals.

Companies can claim CBI on SDSs via the online platform in Taiwan from Sep 1st, 2016. This Guidance is an updated version introducing online application procedures, tools, submission requirements, naming principles for generic names, hazard classification description and proofs, etc.

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