Belgium register for nanomaterials . Decree published on the official journal

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The placing on the market of an increasing number of products containing nanomaterials raises the question of the potential impact on human health. Belgium decided to establish a system to ensure traceability of nanomaterials to identify potential risks and, if appropriate, respond quickly and effectively with regulatory actions.

In this context, the recently published Belgian Royal Decree establishes a register of nanomaterials placed on the market in Belgium. This register will be based on the registration required to be submitted by companies placing on the market products containing nanomaterials.

The establishment of the register of nanomaterials has several objectives:

  • Ensure that the development of nano technologies will not lead to any human health risk;
  • Gain a better understanding of the market characteristics nanomaterials, the potential risk of human exposure;
  • Ensure transparency and enhance public confidence and workers awareness and understanding;
  • Ensure traceability and facilitate authorities to intervene in case of health risks;
  • Establish a knowledge base that could be needed for future regulatory changes at national and European level.

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