• January 23, 2019
  • EFSA

Communicating scientific uncertainty: a tailored approach for increased transparency

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Different audiences can better understand scientific uncertainties when expressions and communications formats are tailored to their needs. EFSA’s new and targeted approach to uncertainty communication will help communicators to further boost the transparency of its scientific advice.

Primarily intended for science communicators, the guidance is a companion to the technical EFSA Scientific Committee guidance on uncertainty analysis in scientific assessments from 2018. EFSA is gradually implementing these two new guidance documents for assessors and communicators.

More clarity for decision-makers

Barbara Gallani, head of communication, engagement and cooperation at EFSA, said: “EFSA’s harmonised approaches to uncertainty analysis and now also to uncertainty communication are improving the consistency and clarity of our scientific advice for decision-makers in the EU food safety system.

“In particular, the communication approach we have developed aims to increase understanding of how our scientific experts express their confidence in the methods and underlying scientific evidence used in their assessments, and in their conclusions about potential risks.”

How the guidance was developed

The guidance on uncertainty communication is an innovative and practical tool for communicators to provide uncertainty information and is based on social research and expertise.

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