Chemsec Webinar | How a phaseout of hazardous chemicals can open up a multi-billion-market for recyclers

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Stricter environmental legislation should not automatically be viewed as a business roadblock, but as a potential enabler. Material streams without hazardous chemicals, for example, hold a huge market potential and can help create a more sustainable EU at the same time.

ChemSec’s new report “What Goes Around” details a first-ever attempt to put tangible figures on this market opportunity.

Now we invite you to grab your afternoon coffee and spend 30 minutes with us to learn more about the report conclusions and how to interpret the numbers.
What you can expect:

(*) An introduction to why chemicals matter in Circular Economy

(*) A deeper understanding of the market projections of recycled materials presented in our new report What Goes Around

(*) ChemSec's key policy recommendations for the future


When: Tuesday, March 16, 3 PM CET
Length: 30 minutes, including Q&A
Platform: Zoom
Speakers: Dr. Anna Lennquist, Senior Toxicologist, ChemSec
Theresa Kjell, Senior Policy Advisor, ChemSec
Thea Sletten, Principal Consultant, Economics for the Environment

A recording of this webinar will be made available afterwards.

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