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Packaging | Proposal for New EU Regulations to reduce pollution and increase recycling

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The European Parliament's Environment Committee has adopted proposals for new regulations on packaging with the aim of reducing pollution, minimizing fossil fuel dependence, and encouraging recycling.

Key provisions include a ban on "forever chemicals" in food packaging, efforts to reduce single-use plastic carrier bags, and setting specific waste reduction targets for plastic packaging. There is also a focus on promoting the use of recycled content in packaging and assessing sustainability criteria for bio-based plastics by 2025. The regulations aim to promote reuse and refill options for consumers and increase the recyclability of packaging materials.

The full European Parliament is set to vote on these regulations in November 2023. Packaging is a significant industry in the EU, but it also generates a substantial amount of waste, making these regulations essential for addressing environmental concerns.

Link to EU Parliament Press Release "Packaging: new EU rules to reduce, reuse and recycle"


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