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EU Enforcement Forum: Unveiling 2024-2025 Priorities and Ongoing Initiatives for Chemical Regulations

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The Enforcement Forum held its November session, unveiling a new work program outlining EU enforcement priorities for 2024-2025. The focus areas include REACH, CLP, PIC, POPs, and Biocidal Product regulations, targeting high-risk non-compliance areas like online sales, imported articles, and classification/labelling.

The Forum will employ EU-wide projects, inspector training, and guides for harmonized enforcement. Ongoing projects include checks on imported products (REF-12) and an EU-wide initiative on hazardous chemicals in products (REF-10).

The Forum's open session addressed industry-relevant topics, while the Biocidal Product Regulation Subgroup (BPRS) discussed results from the biocides enforcement project (BEF-2) and prepared for BEF-3.

Materials from the session will be published on ECHA's website, emphasizing collaboration among EU, EEA, and Swiss enforcement authorities to safeguard health, environment, and fair market practices.



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