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  • April 3, 2024
  • WTO

Brazil Seeks Public Input on Revision of Food Contact Materials Regulation

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The Brazilian National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) has announced Public Consultation No. 1,244, inviting stakeholders to review and comment on the proposed amendments to Resolution RDC No. 326 from December 3, 2019. This consultation focuses on updating the list of additives approved for use in the production of plastic materials and coatings in contact with food, a move aimed at safeguarding consumer health.

This initiative, detailed in the Official Gazette on March 22, 2024, proposes specific updates, including the addition of new substances like Fosfato de prata-magnésio-sódio-boro (silver glass) and Dietilaminoetanol, with clear restrictions and specifications for their use. For instance, silver glass is highlighted for its antimicrobial properties, recommended not to exceed 2.25% of the final product's mass, with the silver content itself capped at 1.77%. Meanwhile, Dietilaminoetanol is identified for use in coatings or as a polymerization aid, with precise limitations outlined to ensure safety.

Open for a 60-day comment period starting seven days after its publication, the consultation encourages contributions from all interested parties. The process is facilitated by an online submission form available on ANVISA's website, with provisions for written feedback from those without digital access.


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