How the Chemical Industry Biocides Disinfectants Manufacturers and Importers can support controlling the spread of coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19

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Due to the new coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19 the demand for disinfectants is increasing and will likely continue to do so in the coming months and years in Europe and Worldwide as specialists foresee virus outbreaks to become more frequent in the future.

Chemical Industry and in particular Manufacturers and Importers of Biocides play a key role in reducing the spread of coronavírus and COVID-19.

Many companies have been contributing to increase the manufacture and import of biocidal disinfectant products, some of them even supplied for free to hospitals and healthcare professionals. However, the general population continues to experience difficulty in accessing these type of products.

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) and EU Commission as well as many countries in the European Union approved exceptional transitional measures to allow chemical companies placing more disinfectants on the market and within a shorter timeline.

At ONLYCORECHEM Group we can support Chemical companies manufacturing Biocidal Products disinfectants to obtain market authorisation to sell legally in the European Union.

Considering the evaluation process for the active substance(s) is still ongoing under the review program, which is the case of Ethanol, placement on the market of Biocidal Products Formulations will be done under the Transitional Period (national rules apply in each country) which requires for example in Portugal a notification including only a basic technical and administrative process with lower costs and timeline compared to when the active(s) have already been finally approved and require an authorisation under the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) rules.

If the active substances have already been approved and the products require an authorisation under the BPR there are several options such as Same Biocidal Product (SBP) and Mutual Recognition (MR) applications that lower the costs and the time needed to bring the biocidal products to the market in the European Union.

For Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom and France we can support with the required preparation of documentation in the oficial member states languages.

For other EU countries we work with highly qualified partners having deep expertise in supporting Chemical companies obtaining market authorisation for their biocidal disinfectant products. We also work with experienced partners around the globe.

Contact us if you would like to learn more how ONLYCORECHEM Group can support your company with feasible solutions entering new markets expanding the business and achieving commercial advantage: [email protected]


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