Nanomaterials - Assessment of the national R-Nano reporting system

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Used in the composition of a wide variety of everyday products, nanomaterials yet raise many questions about the risks that their presence can generate, both for human health and for the environment. In this context, ANSES recalls that the declaration of substances in nanoparticulate state, made compulsory in France in 2013, is an essential tool in terms of traceability, public information and risk assessment. After eight years of existence, the Agency is carrying out an initial assessment of this reporting system and emphasizes that the absence or poor quality of the data transmitted still affects the traceability of nanomaterials and the use of this data by the agencies. public health. It offers several areas for improvement to make the data in the R-Nano register more reliable,improve the traceability of nanomaterials and optimize the efficiency of the system.

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