New technology will make it easier to measure the emission of Nitrous oxide and Ammonia

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A new method of measurement should make it easier and faster to measure the emission of nitrous oxide and ammonia from agricultural land, so that it will be cheaper to investigate the effect of environmental technologies that can reduce emissions.

The project hopes that the new method can be recognized and widespread so that the pace of testing of climate-friendly technology can get into a higher gear.

"We hope to demonstrate that the new method is as good and accurate as the methods used today, and we will work for the method to be recognized in an updated version of the VERA test protocol" Land Applied Manure "" Says project manager Mathias Andersen.

VERA is a collaboration between environmental authorities in Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark to test and verify the impact of environmental technologies on agriculture. The VERA test protocol has been developed for the purpose of verification of technology to reduce the environmental impact of housing, storage and application of livestock manure, slurry separation and cleaning of housing air.

Source: (Automatically translated from Danish)


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