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Assessment of health effects and methods for the measurement of exposure levels in workplace atmospheres for methyl ethyl ketone peroxide (CAS No. 1338-23-4) 

On 12 June 2007, AFSSET, which became ANSES in July 2010, was requested by the Directorate General for Labour to conduct the expert appraisal work required for establishing recommendations on measures to be taken in the event of specific exposure profiles such as those with peaks. 

In 2010, ANSES published a report that recommended studying the 36 substances in France with a short-term exposure limit but no time-weighted average (TWA) to recommend health values taken from the most recent scientific literature (ANSES, 2010). 

In this context, an assessment was undertaken for methyl ethyl ketone peroxide (MEKP), which has a short-term exposure limit in France set at 1.5 mg.m-3 in a Circular1 of 1987 but no TWA. 



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