EEB | A 5 year policy blueprint for Europe

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Why this report? - We have little more than 10 years to decarbonise Europe or face a world of increasing climate chaos, mass migration and political instability. The continuity of our way of life is at stake and all eyes are on political leaders, particularly in Europe. European Commission president-elect Ursula von der Leyen has answered the call. The challenge will be met. We now have a mandate for systemic change towards a bright and secure future. The question is passing from if or when, to how.

On 24 September, the EEB and partners will present a 5-year blueprint of policy options towards net-zero emissions in Europe. Covering all sectors of the economy, the report pulls together leading recommendations from thinktanks, scientists, thought leaders and NGOs, including i.a. IDDRI, IEEP, Climact and Agora-Energiewende. It offers a sector by sector toolbox to successfully navigate the new European Commission term, with targets and initiatives for the fields of governance, finance, industry, energy, transport, agriculture, the circular economy and social.



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