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German environmental aid is taking the climate lawsuit against Mercedes-Benz to the next instance

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Stuttgart/Berlin, September 13, 2022:The German Environmental Aid (DUH) is taking its climate lawsuit against Mercedes-Benz to the next instance. The managing directors of the DUH as plaintiffs announced today that they would go before the Higher Regional Court in Stuttgart. The Stuttgart Regional Court had previously rejected the lawsuit against Mercedes-Benz in the first instance. The DUH calls for the climate-friendly conversion of Mercedes-Benz, in particular through a drastic reduction in the CO2 emissions of the vehicles in accordance with the binding regulations of the Paris Climate Protection Agreement and the German Climate Protection Act. Among other things, Mercedes-Benz should stop the sale of climate-damaging new combustion engines by 2030 at the latest. With the cars sold in 2021 alone, the group was responsible for 65.5 million tons of CO2 worldwide - more than countries like Finland, Norway or Portugal. The remaining CO2 budget to which Mercedes-Benz is entitled according to calculations by the DUH is already dramatically small. If the manufacturer's emissions remain at the same level as they are now, the last combustion engines would have to roll off the assembly line as early as 2026.


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