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Eurometaux | The European metals sector embarks on Transition Pathway to enable the EU Green Deal and Digital Agenda

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Brussels, 11 September 2023 – The European metals industry, including both ferrous and nonferrous metals, has initiated the process to establish its own EU Transition Pathway in collaboration with the European Commission. The metals sector plays a pivotal role in facilitating the EU’s green and digital transitions by enabling several strategic value chains at the core of the clean tech economy. The objective of this comprehensive plan is to ensure the sustainability and resilience of the metals sector, aligning it with the overarching objectives of the EU twin transition

As other regions worldwide are equally transitioning towards a more digital and greener economy, the demand for metals is rapidly increasing, often designating them as critical resources for clean energy and electronic technologies. Steel and a wide range of non-ferrous metals – such as aluminium, copper, nickel, zinc, and lithium – are indispensable components of this transition: they are essential for electric vehicles, wind, solar and hydrogen technologies, to name a few. Europe must ensure the security and sustainability of its metals supply to deliver on its 2030 clean energy goals.


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