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ECHA Announces Changes to Completeness Checks for REACH Registrations

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The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has announced changes to its completeness checks of REACH registrations. The changes to the completeness checks will involve an update to the criteria used to assess the completeness of a REACH registration, with a focus on streamlining the process and reducing the burden on companies. The new and amended checks concern:

(*) Substance identity: ensuring correct and consistent identification of a substance’s boundary composition and its constituents and additives based on clarifications made to Annex VI.

(*) Standard information requirements based on Annexes VII-XI: supporting registrants in reporting information for endpoints concerning mutagenicity, degradation and aquatic toxicity based on Annex VII-XI information requirements. Registrants adding a new weight-of-evidence adaptation will be prompted to provide arguments for the approach in a more structured format.

In parallel, limited revisions have been made to the completeness check in other areas, such as use information.

The aim of these changes is to improve the quality and efficiency of the REACH registration process, making it easier for companies to comply with REACH regulations. The ECHA is inviting stakeholders to provide feedback on the proposed changes, which are expected to take effect later in 2023. These changes are seen as a positive step towards a more efficient and effective REACH system, which will benefit both companies and the environment by ensuring the safe use of chemicals in the EU.

The IUCLID validation assistant will also be updated with the amended completeness check rules when the new version of IUCLID is released at the end of April 2023. Registrants are encouraged to use the validation assistant to check their registrations before submitting them to ECHA.



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