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US EPA | Changes to the EPCRA, CERCLA, CAA 112(r) Consolidated List of Lists | May 2024

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On May 8, 2024, EPA published the Final Rule, Designation of Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA) and Perfluorooctanesulfonic Acid (PFOS), and their salts and structural isomers as hazardous substances under CERCLA section 102. The main section of this document is updated to include entries for PFOA and PFOS indicating the RQ of 1 pound (lb). In addition, Appendixes H and I include the list of salts and isomers of PFOA and PFOS in CAS number and Alphabetical Order. The list currently includes 98 chemicals.

EPA’s CompTox Chemicals Dashboard is a resource that can be used to identify salts and structural isomers of PFOA and PFOS. EPA periodically updates the CompTox Chemicals Dashboard to include new information on PFAS, including PFOA and PFOS. This list also includes ions as they have their own CASRN. Note: The list could change as the chemicals included on the CompTox Chemicals Dashboard are expanded or otherwise are modified. Such changes will be noted and curated in a transparent manner.


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