Are the new REACH information requirements for nanos relevant for you?

Despite increasing amounts of nanomaterials in products on the EU market, not enough is known about their hazards to adequately assess and control their risks. To bridge this knowledge gap, the REACH annexes that specify what information is required from companies placing chemicals on the market have been revised, legally obliging industry to also provide data for substances in nanoform. The new changes enter into force in January 2020. Jenny Holmqvist, ECHA’s coordinator for nanomaterials, shares her views on how companies can prepare. 

What do the revised annexes change? Who do the changes impact? When will the new annexes come into force? What is ECHA doing to help companies prepare? Are there test methods already available to comply with the amended requirements? Do the new information requirements imply that nanomaterials that are currently on the EU market are unsafe?



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