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The Danish Environmental Protection Agency launches green cooperation with the fashion and textile industry

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Autumn's fashion week has kicked off in Copenhagen, and in this connection the Danish Environmental Protection Agency has facilitated a new collaboration across several textile companies and organisations. In the cooperation agreement, the textile industry commits itself to a number of common climate targets, which must reduce the industry's overall climate and environmental footprint.

The companies commit to, among other things, a number of objectives.

(*) At least 40 percent of all clothing and textiles must consist of recycled material by 2030
(*) Clothes must be designed so that they can be used again and again
(*) And a larger part of the turnover on clothes in Denmark must come from recycling

And it is not without reason. In the EU, the clothing and textile industry is in fourth place among product groups that have the largest negative impact on both the environment and the climate, and it is estimated that textile consumption in the EU will increase by 63 percent towards 2030.



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