Mexico | Roadmap that will guide environmental policy

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In commemorating World Environment Day, already one year into his tenure as secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources, Víctor M. Toledo reported, during a virtual meeting, that the agency faces three challenges: recovering its scientific-technical support; overcome the phase left by three decades of neoliberalism, in which there were conflicts between the government and the private sector, and guide all environmental policy towards citizens.

To do this, the team of experts from the Secretariat, many with more than 40 years of experience in environmental and social issues, worked on the design of a road map, which just today, World Environment Day, will be presented to society through various channels. This document, explained the head of the Semarnat, summarizes various environmental transitions in the areas of agroecology and fishing, water, energy, conservation, cities and industry, education and environmental governance. 

Source: (Automatically translating from Spanish)


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