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ECHA | Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability

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The European Commission adopted its Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability on 14 October 2020. The strategy is part of the EU’s zero pollution ambition – a key commitment of the European Green Deal – and aims to better protect citizens and the environment from harmful chemicals, and boost innovation by promoting the use of safer and more sustainable chemicals.

The European Green Deal is the EU’s new growth strategy. It will transform Europe into a sustainable and carbon neutral economy, while responding to the economic crisis and consequence of COVID-19.

Chemicals are the building blocks of the goods we use, and for high-tech materials needed for a circular and climate neutral economy. Chemicals production is also an energy and CO2-intense industrial sector. Shifting towards chemicals and production technologies that require less energy will limit emissions, which means that the Green Deal needs the “right” chemistry.

As the EU’s specialised agency, ECHA contributes to the strategy with its scientific and regulatory expertise, databases, digital tools and networks, and practical experience with chemicals regulation, when requested.

ECHA’s own European Green Deal pledge, as an EU organisation and employer, is to extend its environment certification with the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme EMAS and to become climate neutral by 2030.



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