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  • June 26, 2023
  • UNEP

UNEP | The Sustainable Fashion Communication Playbook: Guiding the Fashion Industry Towards a Greener Future

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UNEP and UN Climate Change have jointly released a publication titled "The Sustainable Fashion Communication Playbook," aiming to guide the global fashion industry towards aligning consumer-facing communication with sustainability targets.

Recognizing the sector's significant contributions to the triple planetary crisis and social injustice, the playbook outlines four key areas for fashion communicators to address: countering misinformation, reducing messages promoting overconsumption, redirecting aspirations towards sustainable lifestyles, and empowering consumers to demand greater action from businesses and policymakers.

While addressing production impacts remains crucial, the playbook emphasizes that transforming the industry in time requires a shift in consumption patterns, challenging the prevailing linear economic model of newness, immediacy, and disposability.

For the first time, the publication highlights the critical role of storytellers as catalysts and drivers of systemic change in the fashion sector. With this playbook, UNEP and UN Climate Change aim to inspire transformative action within the industry and promote sustainability and circularity in the textile value chain.

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