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American Cleaning Institute Responds to VOC Study

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The American Cleaning Institute (ACI), representing the U.S. cleaning product supply chain, has issued a statement in response to research published by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) in the journal Chemosphere regarding volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in cleaning products.

ACI emphasized the vital role that cleaning products play in maintaining public health and enhancing the quality of life across various settings, including homes, offices, schools, healthcare facilities, and restaurants, especially in the context of the ongoing pandemic.

Regarding the study's claims about the potential harm from VOCs in cleaning products, ACI highlighted that VOCs are responsible for many everyday scents, such as those from cooking, freshly cut grass, or peeling an orange. Furthermore, ACI stated that VOCs in cleaning products are essential for improving cleaning effectiveness by dissolving dirt, grease, and stains while providing a pleasant scent experience.

The Institute underscored that the study's findings should be considered within the context of industry efforts to reduce VOC emissions. Manufacturers have made significant changes to their products, particularly since the study examined products purchased between 2019 and 2022. Over the past three decades, regulators have imposed limitations on VOCs in consumer products, and the industry has cooperated with governments and regulators to ensure VOC concentrations remain well below harmful levels.

ACI also expressed concern over the study's categorization of products as 'conventional' or 'green,' arguing that 'green' is a marketing term rather than a scientific one. The cleaning products industry, according to ACI, remains committed to sustainable manufacturing while ensuring affordability for consumers across various economic levels.



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