The consequences of status quo chemical policy are becoming increasingly clear

Chemicals are manufactured for use in almost everything with which humans come into contact including food, plastics, personal care products, clothing and building materials.

In addition, manufactured chemicals contaminate our environment in ways not always anticipated in air, dust, food and water.

Most of these chemicals are derived from crude oil; in fact, petrochemical production is now driving oil demand. This demand for petrochemicals is expected to increase.

It is therefore important to recognize that only a few – and a minuscule percentage – of chemicals with which we come into contact have been tested for human safety.

The cause of chemical exposures to the human population is profit and convenience. If the production and use of chemicals resulting in human exposures were not profitable, they would not be produced and used.

If consumers did not feel that products containing petrochemicals were worth the money, they would not buy them.

A hidden issue is that consumers most often are unaware of the chemicals to which they are being exposed.



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