Emerging health and environmental issues (2018) | EU Commission Scientific Committee - SCHEER Statement

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The purpose of this SCHEER statement is to draw the EU Commission Services’ attention to emerging issues in the non-food area that SCHEER members have identified as having the potential to impact human health and /or on the environment in the future. The Secretariat will use this list when discussing potential new mandates with relevant Commission services.

The SCHEER identified 14 emerging issues to bring to the attention of the Commission services, including:

(*) E-cigarettes and chronic diseases

(*) Chemicals in recycled materials, an issue in a circular economy

(*) Pharmaceuticals (human and veterinary) and illicit drugs in wastewater and surface waters

(*) Substance Mobility: a new criterion in chemicals regulation

(*) Drinking water treatment interactions with compounds and potential health effects

(*) Per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS)

(*) New RNA pesticides and gene editing to reduce/eradicate pest populations

(*) Nanoparticles released from Building Materials and construction waste to the Environment

(*) Micro and nano-plastic in the environment

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