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Department of Ecology | DILAURYL THIODIPROPIONATE (CAS #123-28-4) Greenscreen® For Safer Chemicals (Greenscreen®) Assessment

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Executive Summary: Dilauryl thiodipropionate (DLTDP) (IUPAC name:  dodecyl 3-(3-dodecoxy-3-oxopropyl) sulfanyl propanoate) is the diester of lauryl alcohol and 3,3’-thiodipropionic acid, and it is part of the ester and thio compound chemical classes. Its primary use is as an antioxidant in cosmetics and food additives, a sequestering agent in cosmetic formulations, an additive for lubricants and greases, and a plasticizer and softening agent.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (U.S. FDA) recognizes dilauryl thiodipropionate as an acceptable direct food additive under 21 CFR §182.3280, for use in resinous and polymeric coatings under 21 CFR §175.300, in semi-rigid and rigid acrylic and modified acrylic plastics under 21 CFR §177.1010, and as an antioxidant employed in the manufacture of food-packaging materials under prior sanction 21 CFR §181.24.


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