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  • May 31, 2024
  • WTO

Japan Proposes Revision to Textile Goods Quality Labeling Regulation for Enhanced Consumer Information

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Japan has issued a notification regarding a partial revision to its Textile Goods Quality Labeling Regulation, in accordance with Article 10.6. The notification was made by the Consumer Affairs Agency of Japan. The proposed change involves updating the regulation reference from "L0001" to "L0001:2024" to provide consumers with more accurate quality information for their choices. This revision aims to enhance consumer information and labeling. The final date for comments is 60 days from the notification, and the revision will be published in the Official Government Gazette "KANPO" once adopted. Relevant documents and further information can be obtained from the Japan Enquiry Point or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Documents: 24_03332_00_e.pdf


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