B23 Standard Specification for White Metal Bearing Alloys (Known Commercially as "Babbitt Metal") has been revised to B23-20

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This specification deals with eight typical white metal bearing alloys, in bar or ingot form, known commercially as "Babbitt metal." Covered in this specification are tin-based alloys, namely, UNS-L13910 (alloy no. 1), UNS-L13890 (alloy no. 2), UNS-L13840 (alloy no. 3), and UNS-L13870 (alloy no. 11); and lead-based alloys, namely, UNS-L53585 (alloy no. 7), UNS-L53565 (alloy no. 8), UNS-L53346 (alloy no. 13), and UNS-L53620 (alloy no. 15). Materials shall be manufactured in accordance with such practice as to obtain the chemical composition, weight, and dimensions as prescribed herein.



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