Regulation is the main driver for substitution concludes new ECHA study

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In a new study, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) surveyed industry associations and more than 80 companies to find out what drives companies to substitute hazardous chemicals for safer alternatives.

The answer: EU regulation.

Almost half of the companies (47%) stated that EU regulation is the main driving force behind substitution of harmful chemicals. With 19% of the answers, the REACH restriction process was deemed to be the single most important trigger for substitution with the REACH authorisation process following closely with 15%.

“We are not surprised by the result, I guess no one really is, but it’s always nice to have actual numbers that strengthen our arguments. The study clearly shows that a strengthened EU regulation on chemicals is key to reduce the use of hazardous chemicals” comments Frida Hök, ChemSec’s Deputy Director.



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