Microplastics | ECHA note on substance identification and the potential scope of a restriction

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ECHA is assessing the need for a REACH restriction on intentional uses of ‘microplastic’ particles. As an outcome of the stakeholder workshop on the intentional uses of microplastic particles held at ECHA on 30-31 May 20181 , ECHA announced that it would publish a note outlining in broad terms what it has learnt about the identification of ‘microplastics’ (which is often referred to as the microplastics definition) and what steps the Agency will take to refine its understanding on key unresolved issues as it concludes its investigation by January 2019. The note would also elaborate on the relationship between substance identification and the potential scope of any proposed restriction.

This note reflects our current understanding based on the information available when written. As such, we reserve the right to deviate from any of the statements or conclusions in subsequent publications (i.e. the Annex XV report) should these be justified by the further assessment of information on the hazard, exposure and risks of microplastics or other socio-economic considerations.

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