ASTM International Launches “Road Show América Latina”

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One of the world’s leading standards organizations, ASTM International, will host events, workshops, and high-level meetings in Perú, Chile, and Colombia during its “Road Show América Latina” May 16-20 (

Business leaders from both North and South America will join ASTM executive vice president Katharine Morgan to highlight how the region uses technical standards to drive commerce and trade. 

In Latin America, ASTM standards are crucial for construction and infrastructure growth particularly in fields such as concrete, cement, steel, plastic piping, petroleum, and corrosion. In the three Road Show countries, ASTM standards are cited more than 2,500 times in laws, regulations, and elsewhere.

“The high quality of ASTM standards supports economic growth, innovation, and overall quality-of-life throughout Latin America,” Morgan said.  “This Road Show puts a spotlight on nearly 500 ASTM members in these three countries as well as laboratories, governments, universities, professional associations, and other ASTM partners throughout the region.”

Morgan and industry leaders will present at workshops in Lima, Santiago, and Bogotá. Notably, they will emphasize how ASTM International standards are accepted worldwide because they adhere to the World Trade Organization’s principles for the development of international standards.

“In industries like mine – cement and concrete – and many other industries throughout Latin America, it is essential to have access to globally-respected technical standards. ASTM provides just that,” said Manuel Lascarro, Executive Director of the Iberoamerican Federation of Ready Mixed Concrete and General Director of the Colombian Concrete Association. Lascarro will speak at the workshop in Bogotá.

In addition to the workshops, Morgan’s team will meet with top officials from national standards bodies: Chile’s Instituto Nacional de Normalización (INN), Perú’s Instituto Nacional de Calidad (INACAL), and Colombia’s Instituto Colombiano de Normas Técnicas y Certificación (INCONTEC). ASTM International has held Memoranda of Understanding with each of the three countries for more than a decade, with 24 additional MoUs throughout the Americas. ASTM expects to announce additional partnerships during the Road Show.



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