Safer Consumer Products | California drafts 2018 - 2020 Work Plan

The California Department of Toxic Substances Control announced that the Draft 2018-2020 Priority Product Work Plan is now available for public review.  DTSC must issue a Work Plan every three years that identifies the product categories DTSC will evaluate during that three-year period to identify Priority Products. The Work Plan provides a general explanation of DTSC's decision to select the product categories identified in the Work Plan.

To view the Draft 2018-2020 Priority Product Work Plan and additional Work Plan information, visit the SCP Priority Product Work Plan website.

The Work Plan focuses on four main objectives: i) protection of children from harmful chemicals (including carcinogens and endocrine disruptors), ii) protection of water resources, iii) protection from hazardous chemicals in indoor environment and  iv) elimination of risks of exposure to chemicals in food contact materials. 

The work Plan targets seven categories of products: i) Beauty, Personal Care, and Hygiene Products, ii) Cleaning Products, iii)Household, School, and Workplace Furnishings and Décor, iv) Building Products and Materials Used in Construction and Renovation, v) Consumable Office, School, and Business Supplies, vi) Food Packaging, vii) lead-Acid Batteries. Substances quoted in the Work Plan are listed in the footnote. Click on them to access their world regulatory map and to monitor their status (Chemycal PRO subscription required).

DTSC will hold a public workshop regarding the Draft Work Plan on February 26, 2018, from 10:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. Pacific Time. The purpose of the workshop will be to provide the public with an opportunity to comment on the Work Plan. DTSC is also holding a written comment period for public commenting from February 12, 2018, until March 9, 2018. Anyone interested may submit comments regarding the Draft Work Plan to DTSC at


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