Mapping the chemical universe: ECHA published the list of substances by regulatory action

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ECHA has published a list of over 21 000 REACH registered substances mapped in its 'chemical universe'. The substances have been divided into five pools based on the regulatory actions in place, initiated or considered for them. It also highlights that there are still thousands of substances for which possible actions have not yet been determined. 

Helsinki, 4 December 2019 – The mapping of registered substances, also called the chemical universe, is a planning and monitoring tool that helps Member States and EU authorities focus on substances of (potential) concern and identify appropriate regulatory actions, where needed. For companies and other stakeholders, publishing the mapping provides additional transparency on the work of authorities and the progress made in regulating chemicals.

Each substance in the universe has been assigned to a pool that indicates the regulatory actions in place, initiated, ongoing or under consideration. The five pools are:

(*) Regulatory risk management ongoing: substances with confirmed hazards for human health and the environment.

(*) Regulatory risk management under consideration: substances that are currently being considered for regulatory risk management.

(*) Data generation: substances that require additional information to conclude whether further regulatory action is needed.

(*) Currently no further actions proposed: substances for which authorities have not proposed further regulatory action at the moment.

(*) Not yet assigned: substances currently registered under REACH but not yet assigned to any of the other pools.


The mapped universe of chemicals has also been integrated in the database of Chemycal so you can now easily check which of your chemicals and products are impacted. Contact us for more info and a to schedule a demo session: [email protected]


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