A Legislation Has Been Passed To Ban Sunscreens Containing Hazardous Chemicals

Recently, a legislation has been passed to prohibit the sale of sunscreens which contains Octinoate and oxybenzone chemicals in Hawaii Islands. The final decision will be made on 27th April. This bill has been passed for protection of valuable coral reef, as these chemicals has polluted the environment since 30 years. Coral reefs are most diverse and economically valuable ecosystems of the planet which provides important ecosystems to the human being. It provides the laying and nursery grounds which are economically important for increasing fish populations significantly.

A recent study in the Haereticus environment conducted by the executive director, Dr. Craig Drowns said that chemicals such as Octinoate and oxybenzone are the most hazardous source which is damaging the Hanauma Bay. It is damaging the 10-parts-per-trillionth part of the sea which is major part and cannot be ignored.

The president of the Friends of Hanauma Bay, Lisa Bishop is the main supporter of the bill said that these chemicals do not allow coral reef to recover from the damage, and harm the coral DNA. Prohibiting use of these chemicals is the only way to save the Hanauma Bay from larger damage. She added that continuous the contamination of water will destroy the reef within next few years. This will harm economically as reef is the main tourist attraction point of the Hawaii Islands.

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