• February 7, 2021

Comment Period Extended for Chlorpyrifos Draft Risk Assessments and Proposed Interim Decision

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EPA is extending the public comment period on the draft risk assessments (DRAs) and proposed interim decision (PID) for chlorpyrifos to give the public and stakeholders more time to review and comment. The current comment period was set to close on February 5, 2021, and EPA is extending the comment period for an additional 30 days. Comments can be submitted through March 7, 2021, to the chlorpyrifos registration review docket number EPA-HQ-OPP-2008-0850 on www.regulations.gov.

EPA will use feedback received from the public comment period to determine next steps in the registration review process for chlorpyrifos. EPA will also follow the science and law in accordance with the Biden-Harris Administration’s executive orders and the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act in reviewing the chlorpyrifos DRAs and PID to ensure they are protective of public health and the environment.

More information on chlorpyrifos, including the DRAs and PID, is on the Agency’s website.


In December 2020, EPA released its PID for chlorpyrifos proposing measures to reduce the risks identified in the Agency’s September 2020 DRAs for public review and comment. The Agency also opened a public comment period for the DRAs at this time as well. By holding the comment period at the same time, the public had access to more information and could provide more informed, robust comments.

EPA will also consider the input and recommendations in the December 2020 report from the September 2020 FIFRA Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) meeting. Depending on the SAP’s conclusions, EPA may further revise the human health risk assessment and the PID.

SOURCE: US EPA Newsletter


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