Taiwan | Memorandum of cooperation to promote real-world training for multi-human sensory hazard identification

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Director Zou Zilian of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the Ministry of Labor and Lin Weicheng, Director of the Southern Science Park Administration of the Ministry of Science and Technology, today (31) witnessed by Minister Xu Mingchun of the Ministry of Labor, jointly signed the promotion of "Occupational Safety and Health Multi-Somatosensory Extended Reality (XR) The "Disaster Prevention Simulation Training Field Project" cooperation memorandum aims to enhance the hazard identification ability of workplace workers, and achieve win-win cooperation across agencies and fields.

Director Zou Zilian of the Occupational Safety and Health Department explained that the planned multi-somatosensory extended reality (XR) disaster prevention simulation training hall is a combination of augmented reality ( AR ), virtual reality ( VR ) and mixed reality ( MR ) technologies. Provides a new network audio-visual experience platform that multiple people can operate and experience together, which can achieve the realistic body perception of workers, improve the knowledge of hazard identification, and achieve the effectiveness of preventing occupational disasters.

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