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Denmark | Screening of residual products from waste incineration for content and leaching of PFAS

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The published report presents the results of a screening study of 12 samples of residual products: fly ash, flue gas cleaning products, filter cake, gypsum and boiler ash.

The samples were taken at 6 Danish waste incineration plants, and they were subsequently analyzed and tested for PFAS compounds. In the study, a solids analysis of 22 PFAS compounds and a leaching test of 56 PFAS compounds were carried out.

The results of the solids analyzes show that all PFAS compounds were below the limits of quantification (LOQ) for the measurement method. This applied to all samples of residual products.

In a leaching test, liquid is allowed to permeate a sample. The liquid (called eluate) is then analysed. In the leaching tests carried out, a content of PFAS was measured in the eluate from one of the 12 residue samples, which exceeded the limit value for quantification (LOQ). It was sample Gips2, from which PFBA (0.022 μg/kg TS), PFPeA (0.068 μg/kg TS) and PFHxA (0.12 μg/kg TS) could be washed out.


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