• July 12, 2018
  • WTO

EPA Reviews Dust-Lead Hazard Standards and the Definition of Lead-Based Paint

Addressing childhood lead exposure is a priority for EPA. As part of EPA's efforts to reduce childhood lead exposure, EPA evaluated the current dust-lead hazard standards (DLHS) and the definition of lead-based paint (LBP). Based on this evaluation, EPA is proposing to lower the DLHS from 40 [mu]g/ft\2\ and 250 [mu]g/ft\2\ to 10 [mu]g/ft\2\ and 100 [mu]g/ft\2\ on floors and window sills, respectively. EPA is proposing no changes to the current definition of LBP due to insufficient information to support such a change.

Draft Text 1 is available for download in the following languages: English


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